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Validate your academic qualifications

is easier now!

We would like to provide you with a single point of contact to obtain academic and professional recognition towards Spain and from Spain.

We will aapt to your needs, from the mere presentation of a document tothe complete management of your academic and professional rights based on your qualifications.

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What we do?

Orientation and obtaining international academic and professional recognition of our clients.

Non University Degrees from abroad (outside Spain)

  • Do you want to homologate your studies of Secondary Education or HighSchool, to continue your studies in Spain?

  • Do you want to practice your profession through the Homologation of your VET studies?

Whatever your case may be, we will advise you on the feasibility of validation and manage the process with the administration.

University Degrees

  • Do you want to approve your degree for the exercise of a regulated profession *? Or do you want to be able to develop other professions through the equivalence of your university degree? Tell us if you are a Citizen of the European Union and if your degree comes from an EU University or comes from other countries, as the procedure will be different.

  • Have you studied a health career outside the EU and are looking for recognition in Spain for the exercise of your profession?

  • Have you already submitted your file to the Administration and have not obtained results yet are you still awaiting the outcome?

Whatever your case may be, we advise you on the feasibility of validation and we can manage the procedure with the Administration. In the event that you have already submitted the procedure and have not received an answer, we review the status of your validation, and help you solve the problem.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

Aimed at Universities, Colleges, Companies, Foundations and Individuals in all educational fields related to the approval and validation of degrees and the development of professions in Spain and abroad.

We know the procedure perfectly, avoiding the refusal and unnecessary backstepping, making your process easier by informing you at all times of the situation

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I studied my Senior High School Year in the USA. When I considered going back to Spain I was a little lost. The VALIDERE team was in charge of the procedures to do the EBAU and, in addition, to advising me on which University was more convenient for me to start my Psychology studies. Thanks to them I am enjoying my University studies immensely.


I studied Industrial Engineering in France. In VALIDERE they dealt with both the recognition (homologation) of my academic degree and the valid professional recognition between EU countries. Thanks to this system I was able to quickly join the company that had made me a very interesting job offer.

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